Build your start up 10x faster with BiznesApp, while enjoying the perks of having a personal Venture Builder.

How many times have you had to look for the right person for your task? How many times have you had to look for another person, because he or she wasn’t the right fit? If you experienced this while building your company, then you probably know what we are talking about.

BiznesApp enables you to connect with the right people from a pool of vetted freelancers and agencies, while saving you time and money.

It’s like having someone on your team whose sole job is to optimise your productivity and accelerate your growth.

Just like a concierge service!

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What We Do

We help “Founders” take care of all the ad-hoc tasks that consume their time so that they can focus on growing their startup and having happy customers. We provide the following services:
Investment readiness.
Social Media
Handling social media accounts and
delivering a relevant online presence.
Digital marketing & PR
Targeted campaigns to specific online audiences.
Compliance with HMRC regulations, including
annual taxes, R&D claims and more.
Product development
Web/App development, product roadmap, and
tech maintenance.
Content creation
Expertly crafted blog posts,
video content, etc.
Shareholder & investor relationship management
Customised reporting and individual documentation for corporate governance requirements.
Business intelligence
Connect with the network of sector
specialists and advisers.

How It Works

  1. Register
    Create an account
  2. Chat
    Go to Chat and send a message to the relevant chat stating what needs to be done. A dedicated Venture Builder (VB) will be assigned to you to understand your business, your objectives, and how things work best.
  3. Team matching
    Your VB connects you with the right team according to your requirements, whether it is a one off task or an ongoing project. See Services to learn more about the types of teams we can match you with.
  4. Regular Contact
    We stay in touch with you via live chat, we do the work for you and keep you updated in real-time. All via the app. 365 days a year.
  5. Scaling Up or Down
    Your company is constantly changing and evolving, whether you’re expanding or downsizing, we’ll ensure our services remain flexible and relevant.

How To Get Started

If you have a start-up and looking for new ways to find the right people for your tasks, hit the start button.
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